Nonc Nu and the Wild Matous

Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous

Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous is an all original band from Thibodaux, LA made up of Philip Porche (Vocals/Guitar), Cody Guidry (Bass), Mike Collins (Accordion), Leith Adams (Drums), and Nick "Raffi" Daisy (Washboard).

Nonc Nu’s music is a mix of many different musical genres, including zydeco, rock, and country. Their lyrics are infused with both English and Cajun French and tell stories of the band's childhood and way of life in South Louisiana. The band got together in the spring of 2011 after years of discussing the idea of starting a zydeco band. Initially, Nonc Nu began with Mike on guitar, Cody on bass, Leith on accordion, Brance on washboard, and a mix of different drummers. While they all tried their hand at singing in the beginning, they quickly realized that they needed someone on vocals who was experienced and polished. Philip, whom several members knew from the Houma/Thibodaux music scene, was contacted and immediately joined the band on vocals and drums.

Nonc Nu settled on its current lineup after a few instrument changes and the addition of Travis on guitar and Brent on cowbell. What began as an outlet for the band to get together to translate their sense of humor into original songs with amusing lyrics, morphed into an effort to compile a selection of songs that would appeal to young and old alike. Nonc Nu recently recorded their first EP, entitled "Pass a Good Time or Two", at Infinite Studios in Houma, LA with Nonc See-mon at the helm. They have played several shows in the Houma/Thibodaux area in recent months and hope to plan a CD release party in the beginning of 2012.

Despite forming just recently, the group has developed a noticeable chemistry that combines their years of musical experience with good friendships and the ability to not take themselves too seriously. With their upbeat sounds, comical lyrics, and fun energy, you are bound to pass a good time with Nonc Nu.

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